My loving australian girl!!!

No matter you love girl my loving, I love you for your huge burning heart, you laugh, you sweetness... My friend Sullivane (yeah, I love this pix!!!)

The traditional lunch in Ha Noi!!!

It's all here: the green leaf of a nation, rau muong sauteed in garlic and soy, slow-cooked caramelised pork, sweet with sugar and fish sauce, chunks of meat-cake (gio), peanuts, the dipping sauce and the salty soup.

CAFE DEN DA... Drink of the brave!!!

This is my daily cafe den da (iced black coffee), without that mixture, I can't work, play or sleep... Strange custom of the Thenolian!!!
The place I go for drink this is: Cafe Lung70 Nguyen Du Street Hanoi

TALADAS, in the fourth age

This is the place for the DL campaign of my beloved friend Càm!!! Taladas is the other huge continental mass on Krynn, after Ansalon. Only one meteor strike the land, but let a huge sea of lava full of fire elementals and minion of Erestem (also known as Thakhisis!!!)... Very nice campaign setting, very nice players at my sides, very very nice Dungeon Master in front of me!!!

Gabriel... The Rogue of the band!!!

Come on boy! This pics is so nice!!! Gabriel, another french friend and player for DL!!! Huge artist and great traveler, he play Dosheen the half-elf, a very hard situation on Taladas!!! LOL
Good luck Gabriel!!!

Thomas... his minotaur name is Erukus!!!

Thomas, a new player for Càm's DL campaign!!! I don't know this french guy, but my loving one tell me about him: Only good thangs!!! Ready to fight, brave warrior?


This is my friend in US!!! He live in the big apple... Nathanael!!! Player of note at Planescape, he want to became history teacher, specialist of the european middle age!!! Good luck my boy!!! See you soon!!!

AMANDINE... Nicely Frenchly Girl!!!

Amandine... What a nice name!!! French are very original!!! A young girl with beautyfull smile, a good friend of Càm, and the new girlfriend of Thomas, player of DL who arrive this summer in Ha Noi!!! The blog of Amandine is very cute!!! See this

The whirlwind sand... Ngoc!!!

Young female centaur ranger of the tamirean tribes!!! This is Ngoc, other player of the DL but also a very good friend, and a huge dancer (but an awfull singer!!!)!!! Cuon nem means "rolling nem", a good job for this kindly girl!!!

Naïma, the tamirean elf sorceress!!!

Tunisian elf sorceress!!! Very strange breed!!! A nice player in DL campaign "the Erestem raging" Naïma, you're a very good friend, the wisest I know. I hope that Maelaï became an ally of my minotaur, not an enemy...

Càm, my Dungeon Master!!!

This is Càm, young Dragonlance DM who organize the first DL campaign on Taladas in this huge city of Ha Noi!!! Càm, I love you my girl, your sweetness is so good!!! I love you!!!

This is the Thenolian!!!

Hi boys and girls!!! I'm Perran, also known as the Thenolian, necromancer wizard in the blasted country of Taladas, on the world of Krynn! Welcome in my personnal world!