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Hey! A nicy Blonde european girl in my home with my bro'!!! It's my best friend Linda, from Luxembourg, and for now in Australia with her boyfriend, the very very coolest man on earth, Soren (aka the man with the elephant trump!!!). Bro', you're a good friend for this blondish beauty, and you help her when she gone in bad mood. Nice.

Here, my beloved friend Ngoc (with the tongue) and the fingery Mê!!! I love you girls, and you Nagar, I love you to, but it's not the same!!!

Here... There is nice shots!!! lol

I'm a professional photographer!!! lol!!!
All the people wants to be shoot by me!!!
Yeah right!!!

Back to home!!! Noisy Hang gai, I love you, you miss me!!!

Some flowers for a beautiful and talentuous girl from belgium, her name: FLORE, and it's becoming a tradition for our friends to offering some flowers to this girl!!! So I do the same!!!

Hey! A tall guy in Ha Noï café!!! lol!!! Happy to see you again Marc, and glad to let discover you the ha noian lunch on baby seat!!! lol

Etro Anime - Portrait

Noir Desir, Le Vent Nous Portera

Maria J. William

I want to talk about a very great new yorker artist, her name: Maria J. William. I love her stylish painting and drawing, her women are always very strong in first look, but full of sensibility behind the steel and the leather. I like details on her illustrations, like this one, called Closure. Look on this website, it's very very cool!!!

This is Lo!!!

This is my young and beautiful sister, Loren, the daughter of my american father. She lives in NYC, as a photographer and as an artist. I love this girl, her soul is deeply good and her kindness is sometime very impressive... I love you, sis'

Lo is HERE

Origin of the vietnamese people

According to ancient myth the Vietnamese are descended from dragons and fairies. When the Dragon Lord of the Lac fathered a hundred children by a mountain princess of fairy blood named Au Co, he returned to the sea with half their offspring while she settled in the midlands of the Red River with the other half. One of these children became the first king of the Vietnamese people, the first of the eighteen Hung kings featured in so many myths and legends and venerated in village shrines into the twentieth century. The last Hung king is said to have committed suicide in 257 BCE after being defeated by a neighboring chieftain to the north; this led to the creation of the new kingdom of Au Lac. With the aid of a Golden Turtle spirit, the new king, An Duong, built a magnificent citadel at Co Loa, near present-day Hanoi. (Jamieson, pg.7)
The Dragon Lord of the Lac served as protector of the kingdom under the Hung kings, as the Golden Turtle spirit guarded the realm of Au Lac. As the potent kings of the early kingdom and other cultural heroes joined the spirit world after death, they too became powerful spirits whose aid and sympathy could be evoked by subsequent generations in time of need. The historical memory of the Hung kings and King An Duong was transmitted over centuries not only in myth and legend but through the physical presence of hundreds of village shrines and altars. Before these visible emblems of ancient glory, rituals periodically bound the people to their shared past and to each other.

Drive, by REM

The Sovereign Stone

The Sovereign Stone series is a trilogy of novels as well as a roleplaying game set in the same universe. Both the books and the game were primarily written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

The first book was set during the reign of King Tamaros of Vinnegael, the most powerful Human kingdom and the father of Prince Helmos and his younger half brother, Prince Dagnarus. The next two were set approximately two hundred years later and followed Dagnarus in his bid to take over the world as well as the story of his allies and those who would try to stop him.
There are four races on the main continent, Loerem, with fifth and sixth races that appear in the second and third book, one from a distant continent or world. The main four races are each primarily dedicated to one of the four elements. The Humans are associated with earth/stone, the Elves with air/wind, the Orks with Water/the Sea, the Dwarves with fire. The fifth race, the Taan, are associated with the void. The sixth race, the Pecwae, apparently rely on earth magic drawn from stones such as turquoise. Each race's magic-users are able to draw power from their element, as well as outside their racial element. However the vast majority stick to their primary element.
The races each have their own god or gods. The Humans worship a pantheon always referred to as a group "the gods" not as individual gods. The Orks worship the gods who live in their holy mountain and pay special attention to signs read by their shamans. The Elves worship the Father and Mother, and the Dwarves worship the Wolf. The Taan also have a pantheon of gods, however, unlike the other races, they seem to separate them as individuals representing or having power over various events. The Pecwae are never really discussed, but frequently refer to simply the gods, similar to humans. It is not made clear in the books if all the gods are one group or separate groups. However, since the gods gave the Sovereign Stone to all the races through the King of Vinnegael it is likely that there is one pantheon perceived differently by the different races.
The gods had originally rewarded King Tamaros for his faith by giving him the power to create Dominion Lords, a group of holy warriors who were to promote peace and understanding among the four main races. As strife continued, the King went to the gods and asked them for something to help with peace among the races. They gave him the Sovereign Stone which could be split into four portions each representing one of the four elements. The King took this gift and gave one portion to each of the races so that they could create their own Dominion Lords. A fifth portion of the Stone that was unseen, save by the young Prince, Dagnarus, was the Dagger of the Vrykyl, representing the void in the center.

Humans: In this world Humans are in tune with the magic of earth. This power is controlled through the church. While once having been a largely unified race in the nation of Vinnengael, war and time have split them apart into varying nations and ethnic groups, such as the Nimoreans.
Orks: In this world Orks are excellent seafarers in touch with the magic of the water. They are master engineers and are dedicated to the reading of omens. The authors specifically stated that they wanted the Orks in this world to be more then the "usual cannon-fodder", and thus made several changes to the average fantasy orc.
Dwarves: In this world the Dwarves are associated with the element of fire. They are master horsemen, living as nomads on the great plains. Any dwarf who is unable to ride with the tribe or is convicted of a crime is sentenced to be "the Unhorsed" and cast off in one of the three "Cities of the Unhorsed". The dwarf god is "the Wolf" and they believe that if they lead a good life their soul is reborn in the body of a wolf, so they can run in the pack of their god.
Elves: In this world, Elves segregate themselves from the rest of the world. They are ruled by the Divine, the religious authority, who is aided by the Shield of the Divine in all matters relating to military. Power struggles between the Shield and the Divine are frequent. There are Twelve noble houses of elves of which everyone is either a member or a follower of, as well as an exiled house that appears in the second and third books. The Elves live in very dense family homes where generations of elves will live in one home. Elves practice a form of ancestor worship, and seem to have a faintly Asian feel to their culture.

Alix new blog!!!

WOW!!! This is Alix, she's only 16 years old and yet a good mind. She's french, I love her style, with many colors, good words and a big heart. Many of my friends loves her, and it's easy to understand why... MEOWLIX here!!!

SUTHEIRA... Dangerous aussie wizardess!!!

She's wife of John Belt, and a really good friend, with huge heart and baby in the womb! Cassy, a nicy aussie friend with her beautiful blog, full of wonderful pictures and gentle words for those she love. This is the OCEAN OF JOY

The Lost Room

This is an amazing history!!! In three parts only, but I hope they are a true and big season after that! Really original, with many known actors and actress (like Juliana Margulie!!!). Great moment!

Heavy Gear Rpg...

John Belt, the australian DM for the athasian campaign of Time, is also GM on many canadian games like Tribe 8, Jovian Chronicles or... Heavy Gear! I'm very interested by this one, and with many tips of this excellent game master, I planned a small adventure for my players.
The Heavy Gear action is in a far future, on a planet called Terra Nova. For short, it's a fight between colonist and earth fleets who try to dominate the old colony... Very good game, with strong potential... I speak about again!

Necromancers in the D&D worlds...

In a band, it's hard to play a necromancer, no matter the kind of this. I like to play wizard with power over the undead and more particulary over the spectre and other ethereal ones. The alignement of my characters is usually Neutral Evil, but it's very rare that I splint off from my band, my magical powers are more often interesting for a bunch of warriors and rogues than an another source of treats. I like Necromancers!!! Beware Ha Noian players, Perran the lord of undead is here! LOL

Doi Mat Em, by My Linh

My Linh... I love this girl!!!

strange... a planar bird meat???

Pictures from the Ghostwalk campaign

The Ghostwalk campaign...

Yiiiish!!! Begining of the Ghostwalk campaing with my bunch of terrific (and very handsome) players; My beloved Càm, her girlfriend Naïma, Nicy Ngoc and Hê, the chinese sorceress!!! Dungeon Master: Stephen!
The campaign is an urban one, in the city of Manifest, where living and unliving meet in many ways, with strange dark gods and necromancers at every corner!!! Very dark, very gloomy, I like this D&D campaign, it seems like call of Cthulhu, but without dynamite for kill the bad guys!!!

Ben Templesmith

Templesmith!!! Huge australian artist with magical pencil in his hand! I love his style, his comics and pictures from many games... Very interesting, you can see his journal HERE and is weblog HERE


Thirty-one burial urns more than 2,000 years old have been unearthed at an excavation site in Thua Thien-Hue Province.
Archeologists from the Viet Nam History Museum and Thua Thien-Hue History and Revolution Museum also found more than 100 stone, glass and iron objects at the 156sq.m excavation site in the past three months.
They said the objects in Huong Chu Commune in Huong Tra District, which belong to the Sa Huynh culture (1000BC-AD200), could help identify the people residing in the central region at that time.
The Sa Huynh culture, situated in central and southern Viet Nam, were most likely the predecessors of the Cham people, the founders of the kingdom of Champa.
The site at Sa Huynh was discovered in 1909, and was found to be rich in locally worked iron artefacts, typified by axes, swords, spearheads, knives and sickles.