Fables #123

Is this story set in future times or our distant past? One of Bigby and Snow’s cubs recounts a misadventure between a certain Wolf Lord, a swindled sorcerer and a beautiful, green-skinned lady named Lake. Plus: Bufkin and Lily’s adventures continue!

Saga of Old City/ Greyhawk Adventures #1

I read this book many years ago growing up, and I recently decided to read it again to see if it was as good as I remembered, and let me tell you it was a pleasure to read it once again! If this tells you anything, I was reading a Stephen King book (The Gunslinger) simultaneously with Saga of Old City, and I found myself more engaged in Gary Gygax's classic book. It's action, passion, and above all OUTSTANDING character development, the journey and growth of Gord is so fun to read about. You witness a scrawny street kid grow into a formidable theif in the theives guild, and eventually become a powerful warrior who can overcome incredible challenges!