Dragon Wing - The Death Gate Cycle T1

I am totally addicted to fantasy. I simply can't get enough of it, with the unfortunate result that nothing's really original anymore. You'll find a trace of Tolkien in practically every story and since I find it unlikely that Tolkien will be surpassed, other fantasy simply doesn't match up. Well, that's what I thought before I read Death Gate Cycle. This series is original in every aspect! The setting, the characters, the plot, even the races. Weis and Hickman don't stop at humans, dwarves and elves... The thing I like the most about this series is the convincing characters. They are so real and diverse and 'colourful' that they really pull you into the story. They will keep on amazing with unexpected behaviour.
Another point to note is the lenght of the books. I can appreciate a long book (because I love reading!) but I know there are those who would prefer something shorter. All seven books are of a decent lenght, not too long but long enough to hold a complicated story. I don't feel that the authors left anything out to keep it short -there's nothing worse than a crammed in story- but I personally could do with even more. I'm currently in the sixth book and it is a sad thought that it will have to end soon.
I recommend this series to all fantasy fans, especially if you're looking for something fresh and stimulating.

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